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Apex Online Career School Offers Medical Billing and Coding Certification Near You

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Choosing an online career school reduces medical billing and coding certification cost without sacrificing excellence. Apex Career School (ACS) puts education first with a focus on our students’ success and future careers within specifically targeted vocational industries. ACS is a subsidiary of Animal Behavior College (ABC) who has been a leader in vocational career training in the animal pet industry for over 2 decades. Since then ABC has graduated over 28,700 students.


Now, with Apex Career School, we are expanding our educational offerings and providing opportunities for students to pursue careers in all kinds of industries. After over 20 years of experience in vocational education, we know that the best and most educationally valuable programs are those that upon completion, offer viable opportunities for graduates. This is why the two flagship programs for Apex are directly related to the medical industry. The medical field in the United States is growing, and thus providing exponential opportunities for people looking to forge a career in the industry. The United States has a population of over 329,000,000 people and everyone needs medical care. What’s more, Baby Boomers, who make up 72.6 million of that population, are now reaching an age where increased healthcare demands are likely. All of this means the medical industry and opportunities within that industry are growing. With the medical domain in mind, Apex now offers two programs for people who desire to be a part of this growing career field. ACS programs are available online and conveniently accessible to the working student looking to head down the path of a new educational future leading to a brighter career.

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Apex Career School Online Certification Programs

ACS offers two career certification programs; Medical Coding and Medical Billing. Each program has various options designed to fit a student’s needs. You can take an Apex course as an educational refresher, or finish the training with an eye on professional certification in that vocation.

Medical Billing

Learn to become a medical biller! By taking this course, you will be given the opportunity to learn the skills to orchestrate and maintain all aspects of the medical revenue cycle, including provider reimbursements, payer requirements, claim disputes, denials, appeals and more. Complete the course and sit for the CPB exam to earn your Certified Professional Biller certification.

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Medical Coding

Learn to become a medical coder! By taking this course, you will be given the opportunity to learn about the medical industry and the standard coding system ICD-10 utilized by medical coders internationally. Complete the course and sit for the CPC exam to earn your Certified Professional Coder certification.

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With Apex There Are Medical Coding and Medical Billing Classes Near Me!

Online education opportunities mean that there is no need to forego your education because there is no medical coding or medical billing school “near me.” Apex Career School offers a solid educational foundation. Our goal is to provide our students with quality education that can be applied to successful employment in today’s ever-changing job market. We work to ensure that our students are prepared to navigate the career landscape and graduate with a strong academic and practical foundation. With decades of educational experience behind us, Apex offers innovative methods and programs designed to assist students in achieving educational success.


We recognize that for many it is neither feasible economically nor necessary to quit your current job, and move to a new location for the purpose of attending an outdated brick and mortar school. Apex Online Career Schools accommodate the current day student who has a busy work schedule and life obligations, without breaking the bank. Apex offers affordable and unique vocational training programs to students throughout the United States through online training courses. These programs can be completed in the comfort of your own home and worked around your day to day responsibilities. Our low-cost tuition demonstrates our desire and commitment to help today’s student prepare for a bright future regardless of their current economic standing. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to work in a job they love and pursue a rewarding career.


While low cost tuition is something many students focus on; quality is equally important. Apex programs are first rate in their relevance and excellence. At Apex, students receive an old fashioned quality education at affordable prices while utilizing 21st century delivery systems and up to date information.