Is There an Online Career School in Your Future?

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Is There an Online Career School in Your Future?

Distance learning has come a long way since the first shorthand courses were offered by postcard via “snail mail” in the 1840s. Today, the internet offers a distance learning platform for everything from preschool classes to online career school to postgraduate degrees. COVID 19 has only helped to underscore the potential of online learning.

Increasingly, people are turning to the internet for their education. Because online learning offers so many choices, contemplating the best option for you can be paralyzing. Traditional wisdom long asserted that to get a meaningful, high paying job, a college degree was necessary and “trade schools” were looked down upon. That simply is not the case now. Those who are sure of their career choice and serious about getting certified to work in their chosen field would be wise to take a serious look at online career school.

An online career school (also commonly called vocational schools, trade schools, or technical schools) differs from college in a lot of ways, but difficulty of coursework is not one of them! Do not choose to attend an online career school thinking you will have “bunny” classes. Their highly focused courses of study are designed to make each student career-ready upon completion and certification. The differences in online career school and traditional college are largely the time it takes to complete (an associate’s degree takes two years and a bachelor’s degree takes four while an online career course can be completed in months), the cost, and the depth of study (colleges require several general education classes while online career schools do not).

There is a long held misconception that a college education paves the way to higher wages, but the truth is that there is a large and ever-growing demand for employees in well paying trades such as healthcare (medical billing and coding, dental hygienist, etc.), business (accounting, human resources, marketing, etc.), technology (computer repair, programming, database administration, etc.), and skilled trades such as automotive repair, plumbing, and welding. In many cases, wages are higher for those careers than for jobs traditionally sought by college graduates.

For a growing number of people, getting a college degree makes less sense than completing an online program in their chosen field. If you are working currently and flexibility is a must, if you want to become career-ready as economically as possible, and if you do not have two to four years to invest in an associates or bachelor’s degree, then an online career school makes a great deal of sense.

Still, many people worry that they do not have the discipline to complete the coursework for an online career school–a valid concern given the high number of people who start online classes of all types and never finish them. Best advice for success: think of it as legitimate work and give it the same kind of undivided attention and commitment you would give a job. Make a regular schedule for coursework and consider it non-negotiable. Create a positive environment in which to work–comfortable, quiet, and free of distractions. Finally, do not be tempted to check email or social media during school hours!

There are so many reasons to give serious consideration to an online career school. Explore the options and just imagine where you could be a year from now!