The Benefits of Online Learning Part 2!

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The Benefits of Online learning Part 2.

In a previous blog I outlined six advantages of online learning.   These benefits are time and location flexibility, learning to be a self-starter and finisher, eliminating or vastly reducing travel expenses, safety, particularly in our new Covid world, and the ability to benefit from diverse perspectives and networking.   Are there additional advantages?   Yes! There are many other advantages to online … Read More

The Benefits of Online Learning

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The Benefits of Online Learning

Over the last decade, more and more people have asked themselves whether online education is the right choice for them. This accelerated after Covid-19 as many traditional brick and mortar schools closed because of the pandemic.   For our younger readers, the idea of online education is a natural as breathing. For older readers, online education isn’t a new concept, but … Read More

Is Medical Billing Certification a Good Career Move?

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Earning your medical billing certification can open the door to a career in a field that depends on a steady stream of qualified people.  Once upon a time, your friendly smal-ltown doctor bartered his services  for produce or carpentry work.  For instance, if your son broke his leg jumping out of the barn and you were short on cash, you … Read More