Medical Billing Curriculum

Our Medical Billing School curriculum offers extensive knowledge about the profession of medical billing. 

To learn about all of the topics listed above, enroll in Apex Career School’s “medical billing course” today and get started with your important new career as a Professional Medical Biller.

Not only will you learn the basics of how medical billing is utilized within the medical industry, but you will learn about how medical billing differs across various platforms.

What You Will Learn

The introduction to healthcare assists you in understanding the background of healthcare and how it has evolved over the last 80 years. You will be provided with instruction and a detailed explanation on the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) and regulations of healthcare information for patient and medical professions.
Introduction to Healthcare includes:
• HIPAA’s Security Rule
• Conditions of Participation
• Fraud and Abuse
• False Claims Act and Various Healthcare Laws

Online Medical Billing School Fits Your Schedule.

This online course brings the classroom to you! It allows you to keep your current job or obligations all while investing in you. Take charge of your future and learn from the comfort of your own living room!